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Sport Clubs

The University of West of England led the initiative of easy to access public access defibrillators in all of their campus sites in Bristol in 2013. “Staying safe” on and off-campus as well as the health/wellbeing of students, staff and visitors is at the forefront of their beliefs.  
A comprehensive study was undertaken by HeartSafe® AED Locator with the Health & Safety Department of the University. Five locations were chosen and each site was supported by local security staff who maintain the management and monitoring of the cabinets. This reassuring initiative of installing defibrillators allows confidence for all involved, particularly the active sports grounds and busy halls of residence.

Photographs of sports clubs with PADs

External Defibrillator at frenchay student union
External Defibrillator At long ashton golf club
External Defibrillator at Mendip Golf Club
External Defibrillator at Claverham Cricket Club

UWE Frenchay Students Union

Long Ashton Golf Club 

Mendip Golf Club

Claverham Cricket Club

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