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Welcome To Our WebsiteCommunity Bleed Kits

A new life saving initiative to help safeguard your neighbourhood.

Use our Bleed Kit map to find the closest bleed kit in your community to empower you in an emergency.

We have developed a clear and best-practice set of instructions designed to be easily followed by individuals.

Avon and Somerset Police are able to offer a legacy fund for bleed kits ensuring they are available for communities.

This Bleed Kit Dispenser can be installed onto the side of the HeartSafe Defibrillator Cabinet.

The Bleed Kit Model 2 is designed for easy wall installation on either internal or external buildings and includes a community bleed kit pouch.

The Community Bleed Kit is designed for simple fitting with a highly visible dispenser and clear instructions,  supplied with window/wall information labels.

Bleed Kit Locator Map

The Bleed Kit locator map offers the public the opportunity to check in their community where bleed kits are closest to your place of home or work. The map identifies kits that are registered by their owners throughout the UK and are listed on the map as they are happy to share access in the event of an emergency. Anyone owning or providing a bleed kit to their community can freely register it’s availability here.

The map is to encourage people to learn the whereabouts of their nearest bleed kit dispenser in advance of ever needing to use one in an emergency. Having this knowledge will save time once you ring 999 and make contact with the emergency services.

REMEMBER, in an emergency always report the event immediately to the Ambulance Service…

Call 999 and follow their instructions.

Our Mission

Avon and Somerset Police have joined up with HeartSafe and NHS England South-West to launch a joint initiative to place Emergency Bleed Kits in local communities.

To date, the partnership has funded over 500 bleed kits either attached to existing HeartSafe defibrillator cabinets, or wall mounted in prominent locations across the Avon and Somerset region.  This allows the public immediate access to lifesaving equipment should a person suffer a catastrophic bleed.

In a vital effort to enhance public safety and emergency responsiveness, a new initiative has been launched aiming to deliver bleed kits into the hands of the general public.

These kits are designed to provide immediate, lifesaving intervention for individuals experiencing severe bleeding due to traumatic injuries. Strategically placed in highly visible red dispensers, these trauma kits will be accessible free of charge across a range of public spaces and within key business premises such as entertainment venues, pubs, restaurants, shops, and clubs, ensuring that critical first aid is available even before medical professionals arrive on the scene.

The project, a collaborative endeavor initiated by Avon and Somerset Police in response to violent crime, goes beyond just the distribution of bleed kits. It includes an educational component where police may offer training at venues equipped with these kits, thereby raising awareness and cultivating the skills necessary for effective emergency interventions. This comprehensive approach aims to empower individuals across the community to act swiftly and effectively in life-threatening situations, whether they arise from violent incidents, traffic collisions, or other forms of severe injury, making a significant contribution to public safety and health.


Managing Bleed Kits for the future

Avon and Somerset Police have agreed a legacy fund for the ongoing management and replacement of these kits.


This not a one-off “fit and forget’ tick-the-box provision… 

Local Partnerships

The Mall is the largest regional shopping and leisure hub in the South-West of England. 

Though our partnership with Avon and Somerset police we have been able to connect and engage this key location to the scheme adding 10 kits across the site.

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