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Different Defibrillators Compared

The defibrillator has one specific purpose in mind, to save the life of someone who has gone into cardiac arrest. The most common type of defibrillator is the AED, which is an Automated External Defibrillator.

Compare the British made Heartsine 500P defibrillator with other defibrillators.

There are a variety of different defibrillators in public access locations. The AED Locator defibrillator map shows thousands of cabinets in the UK. There are a variety of different defibrillators in the cabinets. We recommend you get to know the type of local defibrillator you have.

A unique free service. Watch how your local defibrillator operates. HeartSafe® is attempting to display short videos of how popular defibrillators operate. HeartSafe® have provided thousands of British made HeartSine defibrillators chosen for their uniqueness in providing accurate feedback on the quality of CPR being given. Watch how this compares with other defibrillators and compare other models with the HeartSine 500P.

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