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Supplying The UK With The Best British Defibrillators On The Market Since 2008



External Defibrillator at Bristol Water

Why HeartSafe®

Why be a HeartSafe® Community... A Great British Partnership

Helping your community to become HeartSafe® and installing a Public Access Defibrillator has now become the norm not the exception.

English flag in the shape of a heart

A British company, HeartSafe® AED Locator, the foremost PAD installer in the UK recommends HeartSine Technologies Ltd, the UK’s only defibrillator manufacturer with a range of life-saving samaritan® AEDs. A unique combination of easy to use defibrillators featuring the World’s first live CPR feedback, designed for use by lay people or trained personnel. Combining guardian supported HeartSafe® cabinets that are prominently positioned, ensuring that your community has immediate access to an AED in the event of a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest.

Making Changes

The policies adopted by the Ambulance Trusts in the UK regarding public access defibrillators may vary in each of the regions and the policies may change and vary. Most Ambulance Trusts have a 200-metre radius of the location of the public access defibrillator being highlighted when an emergency call to the Ambulance Service has been made reporting an incident of a sudden cardiac arrest. However, the distance may vary depending on the Trust. It has been reported a Trust has a 500-metre radius and other Trusts may have a different distance in rural locations. 

We wish to point out that we cannot be held responsible for providing this information where changes of distance and procedures of the Ambulance Trusts providing assistance when offering PAD locations may vary. 

External Defibrillator

We always endeavour to provide information which is accurate. We would suggest that you make contact with your local Ambulance Trust and inform them of your intention to place a PAD in your community. Many thousands of sites have been created with the help of HeartSafe® / AED Locator. You may wish to refer to the installations that HeartSafe® have made to assist in understanding your project.

Sign of Defibrillator at the top of a telephone box

Many of the successful life-saving locations HeartSafe® AED Locator have been responsible for, working in conjunction with NHS Ambulance Services throughout the UK are listed below. The numbers are growing every day. Join with us and make the UK a safer place to live for our families and friends.

Chain of Survival... something we all should know

  1. Early access to care – dial 999 immediately! 
  2. Early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – to help maintain blood flow to the brain until the arrival of defibrillation.
  3. Early defibrillation – is the only way to restart a heart in cardiac arrest.
  4. Early advanced care – after defibrillation, an emergency team provides advanced cardiac care on scene, such as intravenous medications. 
Chain of survival


Children and adults posing with AED Defibrillator

Help can take longer to arrive the further away you are from medical facilities.

  • Villages, hamlets, rural locations
  • Any out of the way area, hills, fells, beaches, coastal paths
  • Inexpensive investment in the latest technology can help save a life

Sport clubs

Three men posing next to AED for a photo

A sudden cardiac arrest is more likely to occur when participating in active sports.

  • Anyone, fit or unfit, young or old can suffer an SCA
  • Installations already cover Golf Clubs, Rugby Clubs, Sports and Leisure Centres
  • Protecting your members, visitors and staff


Photo of the outside of a school

Young children, students and teachers....any age are vulnerable.

  • Schools, nurseries, colleges, activity and outward bound centres.
  • University Campus Sites
  • Ensure you have an AED close by to protect your loved ones.


External Defibrillator

Workplace stress can be a contributing factor for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • Places of work are not immune but often are out of reach of immediate medical help
  • Town Halls, factories, city office blocks
  • Industrial estates, farms, transport links, Doctors surgeries