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Businesses & Town Councils

West Suffolk House is a purpose-built public sector office building. It forms the first phase of a larger Public Service Village, integrating staff from both St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Suffolk County Council under one roof. The building occupies a prominent corner position providing a landmark structure with a strong presence in the town and will act as a catalyst for future phases of development along Western Way. The HeartSafe® cabinet is very prominent and allows easy access to the workforce/visitors close by.

Share the chance to save a life!

Whatever your business, whatever the number of staff you employ, no one person is immune to cardiac arrest.


Investing in a HeartSafe® cabinet and defibrillator will provide that extra layer of insurance that one day may be necessary should an employee suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Not a day passes when national newspapers or television channels report on a newsworthy named person having died unexpectedly from sudden cardiac arrest. 


However, consider an ordinary person who dies of a cardiac arrest at work, a Policeman, Postman, office worker, builder, teacher, the list is endless. A Google search will always retrieve a sad incident of a person dying unexpectedly in any job or profession.


These headlines can only be surpassed when a notable person recovers from a cardiac arrest having had the good fortune of immediate help from “samaritans” who by chance happen to be close by. They were able to provide good CPR whilst the Emergency Services were en-route to the incident and by even more good fortune, a nearby AED was available and used on the patient which enabled the heart to restart in normal rhythm.

Photographs of businesses and Towns with PADs

HeartSafe® External Cabinet On Stone Wall At Clifton Suspension Bridge
External Defibrillator outside a Lloyds Bank
External Defibrillator at Thatchers Cider in Sandford
HeartSafe Defibrillator outside Tesco Market Harborough

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Lloyds Bank, Winnersh

Thatchers Cider, Sandford

Tesco, Market Harborough

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