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External Defibrillator UK at the Gate Inn, Brailes

The Gate Inn, Brailes

Other Defibrillator Locations

The Charity Arrhythmia Alliance/Heart Rhythm Charity works to improve the diagnosis and treatment for people affected by arrhythmias. For over 10 years it has supported HeartSafe® AED Locator in placing public access defibrillators in communities, businesses, schools and sports centres around the UK. Its offices located in Chipping Norton have recommended HeartSafe® products throughout the West Midlands and central regions as well as other parts of the UK.  
The Gate Inn, Brailes was one of the early installed cabinets at the direction of the Arrhythmia Alliance. Many other sites throughout the region are supported by Arrhythmia Alliance initiatives.

Why HeartSafe Is The Leading Uk Defibrilltor Supplier

The HeartSafe® cabinet package it designed to last for a generation and longer. We believe the quality of our hand-crafted and finished stainless steel cabinets is the very best money can buy. The defibrillators we recommend are to suit best your needs and requirements. Futureproof, with lock/, unlock settings. Illuminated lock, a medical green beacon for maximum visibility at night. Tested in extreme conditions down to -40°. Bespoke cabinet wording with location information.

It is claimed 70% of people giving CPR make no effective difference to the survival of the patient. It is not as simple as watching CPR being performed on the TV series Casualty to know what to do. Being able to provide quality CPR with sufficient blood being circulated allowing oxygen to reach the brain. Sadly too many people having suffered SCA do not survive as the brain is damaged through lack of oxygen. Being able to give quality CPR whilst the Emergency Services are on their way is essential for the patient to survive. Sadly despite the samaritan’s best endeavours the depth and rate of chest compressions are not sufficient. However, the Heartsine 500P with accurate CPR feedback will help to maintain high-quality CPR with greater chance of survival.

You are only likely to purchase such a piece of technical equipment once, so make sure you get it right first time. We offer 10-year warranties on cabinets and defibrillators. Your investment needs careful research and we are happy to provide you with an individual quotation tailored to your needs. Contact us now

Photographs of other Locations with PADs

Photo of a Defibrillator on the side of a building
External Defibrillator at UWE
External Defibrillator at UWE Frenchay Bus Building
External Defibrillator at Mount Snowdon

Bristol Harbor 

University West Of England 

UWE Frenchay Bus Building

Snowdon Peak

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