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Community News

Seven years ago, Lion Andrew Hill commenced a tortuous challenge to make the town of Portishead HeartSafe®. With initial reservations by some inhabitants who wrongly assumed a defibrillator should only be used by a medically trained person. Andrew embarked on numerous public meetings/events including visiting all secondary and primary schools informing them of his plan. With the support of his fellow Lions of Portishead, huge efforts made in fundraising, he has succeeded in placing over 30 HeartSafe® cabinets and HeartSine defibrillators within and around the Portishead area.  
This amazing challenge, despite the odd knee replacement, trying to run a surveying business and more recently the Coronavirus lockdown, he has continued to place cabinets in Portishead to protect residents. Portishead Marina is about to have installed a HeartSafe® cabinet along with another cabinet close to a busy shopping area.
Andrew is a fine example of what a fellow citizen can do to help others without expecting a reward.
If you are the type of person that gets on with things and gets things done, why not make your community HeartSafe®. Click here to contact us. We can explain the steps you need to take to make your community, business, school, sports club HeartSafe®.

How We Can Help You in your Community…

  • Are you looking to provide a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) in your community, sports club, place of business or school. There is no where we cannot help you. Do you wish to purchase a cabinet and defibrillator, seeking advice on awareness/training? If so, contact us here for experienced unbiased advice and guidance on the best approach to make your community HeartSafe®.

Photographs of Communities with PADs

The Rockmount Pub in Guernsey, waves crashing against coast wall
External Defibrillator at Swanage Sea Rowing Club
External Defibrillator at Yeovil Recreational Club
External Defibrillator at Riverside Inn Cheddar

The Rockmount Guernsey

Swanage Sea Rowing Club

Yeovil Recreation Centre

Riverside Inn Cheddar

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