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External Cabinet Replacement Labels Bumper Package (14 labels)

External Cabinet Replacement Labels Bumper Package (14 labels)


Package Contents

Labels included:
  • External Cabinet Labels (Front & both sides)
  • Speech Bubbles x 3
  • Directional Signs x 5
  • Replacement Labels for Overhead sign x 2
  • A4 Information Plaque Label
Please note: These labels are only suitable for cabinets supplied after July 2015 where the cabinet door measures 420mm wide. Cabinet door dimensions (W420 x H500mm).

£95.00 + VAT

Older cabinets can measure W385 or W400mm, and in this case, these labels will not fit. Please check the width of your cabinet door to determine if they will fit before ordering. The photo shows the label set with a paper application film. This is to aid the application of the adhesive vinyl onto the cleaned cabinet and is peeled off afterwards. All other previous labels must be removed prior to these new labels being applied The cabinet must also be thoroughly cleaned and wiped over with Methylated spirit to remove any traces of dirt, oils or adhesive residue prior to the new label being applied. The label should be applied very carefully from one edge using an application squeegee or credit card to ensure no air bubbles are trapped underneath the label.

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