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External Defibrillator Cabinet at Westbury Town Council

Register Your AED

HeartSafe® AED Locator encourages the awareness of Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) by offering a website map where owners, communities and businesses can place and locate the defibrillators

This FREE service operates by email only. If you experience any issues or have any enquiries relating to the completion of this form please email

Help us by adding your AED in making all Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) easy to locate throughout the UK. Please allow 2 working days for the AED to be added to our map.

To register your AED please complete the form below including the exact location data.

Find out more about our AED Locator service here.

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AED Locator (E.U.) Ltd will only use the details provided directly in connection with the services we offer.(Required)

AED Locator Service

The service of providing locations of PADs throughout the UK is provided by HeartSafe® AED Locator. It is free for communities, businesses and people who own AEDs who wish to offer them for public use to add. We ask all participants listing their AEDs to ensure information is accurate and the AEDs are “rescue ready” at all times. This is a voluntary service and we aim to add these PAD sites within 28 days. 

This AED locations website is independent and has been set up to assist people looking to find where their local AEDs may be positioned. It is useful for local residents to know where their nearest AED may be as well as for those travelling on holiday. We do not forward your location information to any third party. Registered on this website does not automatically register with your local Ambulance Service. AEDs in HeartSafe® cabinets that we have placed in communities, businesses, schools and sports centres throughout the UK would however have been notified to their respective local Ambulance Service.

By adding your AED to this map, it is not automatically registered with the Ambulance Service. Please ensure you inform your local Ambulance Service of the location of your defibrillator along with access arrangements.

Why HeartSafe® Uses The AED Locator

HeartSafe® AED Locator encourages the awareness of Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) by offering a website map where owners, communities and businesses can place and locate the defibrillators in their local area.

In the event of a suspected SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) the observer and those present must report immediately the incident by ringing the Emergency Services 999. Instructions will be given by the Operator how to assist in the incident. The Emergency Services will advise the caller who reports the incident how to assist.

In good faith, the information provided by others that we display is believed to be correct. In using this website’s data, the user must be aware that the presence of a location of an AED on the map:-

  • Does not guarantee the location is geographically correct. Location information provided on the map has been provided by third parties. We have displayed this information on the map in all good faith to encourage the public to become acquainted with the nearest AEDs in their local community. AEDs continue to grow in numbers with local initiatives, expanding their accessibility and increasing their early deployment. 
  • Does not indicate an absolute right to use the AED. 
  • Does not indicate the AED is guaranteed to be available 24/7.
  • Does not indicate the AED is in full working order. Frequent governance checks are recommended to ensure all equipment is operational but no guarantee can be given.
  • Does not confirm that these are the only AEDs available in each of the locations or other areas. Daily, new defibrillators are being placed to provide greater coverage and accessibility. Other organisations may have placed AEDs available for public access and we would recommend wherever you live, you acquaint yourself with your nearest Public Access Defibrillator. 

Photographs of HeartSafe® Communities .....Ain't No Mountain High Enough.....

Heartsafe external defibrillator at clifton suspension bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

External Defibrillator at Mount Snowdon
Snowdon, Wales
External Defibrillator

Stepper Point, Cornwall

Defibrillator outside of West Suffolk House

West Suffolk House

Group of people posing with External Defibrillator Cabinet

Banwell, North Somerset

External Defibrillator at Cheese and Grain, Frome
Cheese & Grain, Frome
External Defibrillator at Frome Fire Station

Frome Fire Station

External Defibrillator at UWE

University of the West of England,

Levington Harbour

External Defibrillator at Thatchers Cider in Sandford
Thatchers Cider, Sandford, North Somerset
External Defibrillator On Portishead Folk Hall

Portishead Town Council

External Defibrillator Cabinet

Kentallen Duror