How is the Auto-reminder working?


We are delighted to offer an ongoing automated monitoring and repatriation service for public access defibrillator installations which have been purchased by our customers. 

Using advanced technology with the Attentii simple to use monitoring reporting system, caring for your defibrillator could not be made easier.  Volunteer guardians who carry out regular inspections reporting on the functionality of the cabinet/defibrillator allow us to provide an audit trail whenever required of each and every occasion when an inspection is made using our simple to use system. These reports can be made either by using a Smart device or PC.  Please watch video below.

For over 10 years now guardians have been reporting to HeartSafe® the compiled carefully worded questionnaire which in turn is collated and provided monthly to the NHS Ambulance Trusts in the U K.

Annual renewal costs are £49 plus VAT per PAD site.  We aim to provide the highest monitoring levels to ensure governance is maintained on your defibrillator and equipment so that it is "rescue ready" at all times.

Should you not be part of our monitoring system on your current defibrillator, please email us ( and advise.  We will arrange to set up and make easy the future monitoring of your life-saving equipment.

For more information, please see FAQ's on this page and watch guardian report video.