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Where can I find Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training?

The initiative emphasises collaboration with NHS professionals to provide accredited training on using bleed kits and defibrillators, aiming to equip local communities, local authorities, and educational bodies in the Avon and Somerset area with the skills to respond effectively to emergencies. This effort combines the strategic placement of emergency equipment in key locations identified through data analysis and community input, with their integration into local police patrol routines for regular monitoring. The goal is to create a widespread culture of emergency preparedness and prompt, knowledgeable action across the community.

Empower Your Community with Life-Saving Skills: AED Training

In our continuous mission to elevate public safety standards and optimise emergency response protocols, we recognize the paramount importance of not only deploying lifesaving equipment but also ensuring the public’s proficiency in using such devices. This understanding has led us to prioritise the accessibility and rapid deployment of defibrillators, housed in unlocked cabinets, allowing for their immediate use during cardiac emergencies.

Every moment is critical in these situations, and our approach guarantees that bystanders can take swift action, significantly increasing the chance of survival.

Equally important to the physical availability of these defibrillators is the provision of comprehensive training to the community. To this end, we have embarked on a collaborative initiative with healthcare professionals to offer defibrillator training sessions. These sessions are meticulously designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence to use defibrillators effectively, complementing our efforts to make these devices readily accessible.

Keynsham Bleed Kit

The training program will cover a broad spectrum of essential information, including the correct operation of a defibrillator, understanding its functions, and familiarising oneself with the device’s audio and visual cues during an emergency. Moreover, participants are educated on the critical steps to take when someone is experiencing a cardiac arrest, emphasising the seamless integration of CPR with defibrillator use for optimal outcomes.

The training will be delivered by NHS professionals, ensuring that participants receive accurate and reliable guidance. By incorporating these training sessions into our broader strategy, we aim to create a well-informed and prepared community capable of responding effectively to emergencies.