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Community Bleed Control Kit

£85.00 + VAT

Package Contents

The Community Bleed Kit is an invaluable asset for communities, schools, businesses, and sports clubs. It equips individuals with the necessary tools to control bleeding and provide initial first aid until professional medical help arrives.   Contains:
  • 1 x Community Bleed Kit Pouch Including
    • 2x Trauma Dressings
    • 2x Haemostatic Dressings – 2 year lifespan
    • 1x Tourniquet
    • 2x Individual Pair of Nitrile Gloves
    • Medical Shears/Scissors
    • Foil Blanket
    • CPR Face Shield
    • Whistle
Highly visible, clear and easy to read instructions.


The Community Bleed Kit is a comprehensive, lifesaving resource designed to offer immediate assistance in the event of a catastrophic bleed. This kit houses an array of essential tools that could make all the difference when waiting for professional medical help to arrive.