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Emergency Bleed Kits

Bleed Kits are specifically designed to handle ‘life threatening bleeding’. In the event of a traumatic injury, a person can lose critical amounts of blood within minutes.

A bleed kit package that includes items like haemostatic dressings, trauma dressings, and a tourniquet can benefit a community in several ways. This type of package can be vital in emergencies where there is a severe bleeding injury, allowing bystanders or the injured person themselves to provide immediate aid while waiting for professional medical help.

In 2023, Avon and Somerset Police joined up with HeartSafe and NHS England South West to install over 100 bleed kits across their force area and raise awareness. These have been installed onto the side of existing HeartSafe defibrillators and are immediately accessible to the public in the event of an emergency.

Find out more about this partnership here.

Some of the items Included In The Bleed Kit

There are a number of different products designed to control or stop bleeding.

2x Trauma Dressing

Trauma dressings, a highly absorbent padded dressing can be used to cover the wound followed by sustained pressure to the wound

2x Haemostatic Dressings

Haemostatic dressings accelerate blood clotting to control severe bleeding in trauma situations, reducing blood loss and potentially saving lives.


Tourniquets are medical devices used to reduce catastrophic bleeding to the arms or legs by applying pressure to stop the blood flow.


Here are some key benefits...

Life Saving: Rapid bleeding control can be the difference between life and death in severe injuries. Haemostatic dressings, trauma dressings, and tourniquets are specifically designed to stop bleeding rapidly and prevent further blood loss, potentially saving lives.


Familiarise where your nearest Bleed Kit can be found: Having such a kit available in public spaces, homes, workplaces, and schools means the community is better prepared to handle emergencies. It can be especially valuable when emergency medical services are delayed.

HeartSafe Cabinet Without Bleed Kit HeartSafe Cabinet With Bleed Kit

These available Kits will help demonstrate a level of assistance is available: When community members know that these tools are available and that individuals are trained to use them, it can provide a greater sense of security. People may feel more confident knowing that immediate help is available in case of an accident.

Supports community education and training: The existence of these kits can spur community education efforts about their usage and the importance of first aid. This can help foster a more knowledgeable and prepared community.

Versatility: These kits can be used in various situations, from household and business accidents to more severe incidents like vehicle accidents or situations involving violence.

What Other Questions Do Customers Ask About Our Bleed Kits?

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our Bleed Kits. Just click on the question to see the answer!

A typical bleed kit package includes:

2 x Large Trauma Dressings

2 x Haemostatic Dressings

1 x Tourniquet

Other Items: 

2 x Individual Pair of Nitrile Gloves 

Medical Shears/Scissors

Foil Blanket

CPR Face Shield


A haemostatic dressing is used to promote rapid blood clotting in the event of a severe bleeding injury. It is particularly useful in situations where traditional bandages and pressure are not sufficient to control the bleeding.


NOT to be used on open chest wound, open head wound or the eyes. 

A trauma dressing is larger and more absorbent than regular dressings. It’s designed to manage heavy bleeding and cover large wounds. Direct pressure is then applied on this packing.

A tourniquet should be used when bleeding from a limb cannot be controlled by other means like direct pressure or when a wound is so severe that other treatment methods are not immediately possible. However, it should be applied by a trained individual as incorrect usage can cause additional harm.

It is applied directly to the skin not clothing.

First Aid training courses are designed to familiarise you with the use of these specially designed tools to assist a patient suffering from blood loss. There are many organisations offering such advice.

While anyone can potentially use the kit, a level of training is naturally an advantage. As a good samaritan, anyone can use a bleed kit to assist in an emergency until the arrival of the Ambulance Service.

Always maintain telephone contact with the 999 Operator at the Ambulance Service. They are trained and able to advise you over the telephone and answer your questions. When using a mobile phone ensure it is on loud speaker.

Ideally, the bleed kit package should be kept in easily accessible locations in public spaces, schools, workplaces, and homes. 


More Bleed Kits will become available, such as the joint initiative between Avon & Somerset Police Constabulary and HeartSafe is currently being launched. Existing well known and highly visible HeartSafe Defibrillator Cabinets can have Bleed Kit Dispensers added for local community use.

Yes, components such as the haemostatic dressings have an expiration date after which they may not be as effective. It’s important to regularly check and replace any expired components.

No, this kit is a first aid measure to be used in emergency situations. It is not a replacement for professional medical care. Always call 999 Ambulance Service as soon as possible when encountering a person with a severe bleed injury. 

After using the bleed kit, ensure that the injured person gets professional medical help as soon as possible. Make sure to inform the healthcare professionals about the steps you took, including the use of the bleed kit, to assist them in their treatment plan. Please also alert HeartSafe to any kits that have been used so we can replace these. Do this by clicking here.

HeartSafe Bleed Kits will provide instructions for re-ordering.