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We have options in regard to location placements – some of which I would look to as priorities are data led hotspots for serious violence, requested sites from Violence reduction partnership data and community requested sites.


Between Clive and myself we have the ability to install locations swiftly following the identification of sites.

I also have staff that can if needed seek building owner permissions to conduct the installs.

The Police and Heartsafe then commit to the long term maintenance and running of the sites – replacing used kits, repairing damage etc.

We also add the locations to our local Policing patrol plans so that they are checked periodically.


We are approaching 200 sites across the South West – my drive is to reach 500 by the end of this year.

If you look at our map it looks great but in reality to offer the best possible provision and protection to the public we need far greater number out there!


So great things are in motion but we need that support to continue this going forward.

Alongside the kits going out we have started the consultation of community training with the NHS.

In relation to this I have copied in a response that I provided to a strategic partner this morning below:


In conjunction with the A&S/Heartsafe partnership which provides 24hr unrestricted public access bleed kits (currently approaching 200 locations), we have also funded and allocated numerous advanced kits to all SIA accredited NTE staff in Bristol and Bath with collaboration from local authorities.

They have all been trained in the deployment and use of this equipment.


The charity Rapaid are also introducing basic bleed kits to 40 taxis specifically in Bristol city centre.

In development currently – I have collaborated with the head of EMD training for NHS South West. They are building a session that will deliver a training product that focusses on how someone calls into ambulance control, what they will be asked and how best to deploy a bleed kit. This training does not exist currently anywhere and is vital to maximise life saving opportunities as many untrained members of the public panic in moments of crisis.

So the final product will cover this and then how to use a bleed kit and deliver that aid to a patient whilst waiting for an ambulance.

It will be free to all and delivered via their network of 300 volunteers which are provided via charities.


There are motivated members of community that deliver bleed kit training in isolation in numerous locations around the country. These sessions are not endorsed or approved by the British medical association, NHS or ambulance service and are often with kits supplied by large multinational PPE supply companies which are profit organisations.

Community members that perform such sessions do so with all the right intentions and I admire their drive and motivation – we just need to be very cautious as to what we support with them.


The training session being produced with the NHS is done so by professionals and is backed up with appropriate resources and kit for the intended users.

My intention when ready is to offer this out to all communities, local authorities and education across the entire Avon and Somerset area.

Supported by Avon and Somerset Police