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Update Your Bleed Kit Now

We are always looking for the most up-to-date information for our map. We therefore encourage you to complete the registration of your community Bleed Kit again if you have an update. The map will assist everyone to become familiarised with where their nearest Bleed Kit dispensers are located.

This FREE service operates by email only. If you experience any issues or have any enquiries relating to completing this form, please email [email protected].

Help the country by updating your Bleed Kit on the map to ensure all Public Access Bleed Kits are easy to locate throughout the UK. Please allow 5 working days for the Bleed Kit to be added to the map.

To register your Bleed Kit, please complete the form below, including the exact location data of the position of your community Bleed Kit.

Find out more about our Bleed Kits here.