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More than 140 bleed kits have been installed across the South West.

Avon and Somerset Police have teamed up with NHS South West and defibrillator supplier HeartSafe to deliver the kits in Bristol, Somerset, Bath and Gloucestershire.

It’s hoped the kits will go some way in preventing the “tragic loss of life” on the streets.

Police say they will mainly be used for stab wounds but could also help casualties involved in collisions, falls, and other injuries.

They include scissors, dressings and gauze, gloves and an instruction guide.

Dr Michael Marsh

NHS, South West Medical Director

“NHS ambulance crews and trauma teams do a great job when confronted with a patient who’s losing a lot of blood, but we wanted to go further in those crucial minutes when an ambulance was still on its way.”

Mike Vass

Avon and Somerset Police, Chief Inspector

“We know we cannot police our way out of serious violence, it has to be a partnership approach.

Not just between us and our partners in health and social care, but also with members of our communities who can play a key part in helping us.

We employ a number of different tactics to deal with knife crime and prevent it at the source but in the unfortunate event that a person is seriously injured, we hope that these kits will go some way to preventing tragic loss of life.”



Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

“There are a range of bleed kits available to purchase and NHS ambulance services do not endorse any specific bleed kit or products. AACE strongly recommends that all first aid and emergency equipment is easily and readily available and should be stored / kept in unlocked cabinets.”