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Another Smart Cabinet for Cornwall

Published on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Smart Cabinet for Cornwall

St Merryn Garage in Cornwall has installed the latest HeartSafe® Smart Cabinet.

The popular busy village garage and stores at St Merryn Crossroads which leads to numerous beautiful beaches, coves, holiday and recreational parks has joined the HeartSafe® initiative.  As well as the St Merryn Primary School and Holiday Park, another AED has been installed to ensure maximum protection is offered to the community. 

One again, FLEET have been busy in establishing more life-saving Public Access Defibrillators supported by the South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust.  These are being placed in busy and often difficult to reach locations.  When a suspected SCA occurs and time is of the essence, and in a hurry to help a casualty, the latest HeartSine award-winning AED is now immediately at hand 24 hours each day.  Anyone in the community is able to use this life-saving British made AED with or without training. 

A big thank you to Norman Trebilcock and his enthusiastic team at FLEET in their continued efforts to ensure more PADs are being placed in Cornwall over the next 6 months.  

For more information on how to make your community HeartSafe® please contact us on 01275 332323 or by email enquiries@aedlocator.org 

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