HeartSafe® Digital Electronic Lock Beacon Cabinet plus Accessory Package

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Our full package includes a HeartSafe® Digital Electronic Lock Exterior Cabinet and our comprehensive accessory pack.





HeartSafe® Digital Electronic Lock Exterior Cabinet

  • Precision engineered, British made secure weatherproof AED cabinet
  • Stainless steel, powder coated, designed for all conditions  
  • Suitable for all makes of Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Thermostatically controlled heating, internal LED light
  • Digital electronic lock, simple to use with soft touch buttons
  • Dusk to dawn motion sensor light above lock, key override
  • Uniquely equipped with monitored Attentii reporting system ensuring maximum levels of governance
  • rated, 10-year anti-corrosion warranty, 7-14 day average delivery time
  • Price match guarantee
  • Supported by 10 NHS Ambulance Trusts

Just look at the list of individual accessories and unique features that are included with this offer:-

  • 2 x External 3D Overhead Aluminium Signs (1 x H400mm, W400mm, D260mm with wall attachment of 50mm deep and  1 x H200mm, W150mm, D200mm)

  • Bulkhead Identification Light with 1W LED green ball bulb


  • Resuscitation Pack including pocket mask for ventilations, scissors, dry cloth, razor and medical gloves.

  • A4 display information/instructional plaque for positioning adjacent to cabinet.


  • A5 awareness leaflet PDF as above to circulate in newspapers and community.
  • Bespoke printing to include cabinet location details and local Ambulance Service Trust Crest to be placed on cabinet door,  Option to include electrical installer's details to side of cabinet to help mitigate electrical costs where appropriate.  A space at the bottom of the cabinet door can be available for you to place your own donor information label if required (not supplied by us).
  • 6 Directional A5 adhesive labels stating "Your Nearest defibrillator is at..."
  • Optional Unique HeartSafe® Smart Tag Guardian Monitoring System ensuring highest levels of governance working in conjunction with Ambulance Trusts throughout the UK.  Nominal cost is £49 plus VAT per annum.  See link HeartSafe SMART Tag PAD Reporting System.pdf  Also includes AED repatriation labels to enable quickest return of AED to cabinet when deployed. 


For more information about the digital electronic lock cabinet please click here

For approximate running costs click here


 *If green beacon LED light is required as part of the HeartSafe® G3 Cabinet Package order, please state when ordering - £99 plus VAT.  (Saves on installation costs of separate bulkhead light)



Call now to order 01275 333999 / 01275 332323 or email enquiries@heartsafe.org.uk

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